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*Not offered for the

2021 Summer Season*

Showbiz Theatre Ages 7+

Showbiz Theatre is unlike any other Live Production CAMP you have ever attended! Similar to “Ellen” or “The Tonight Show” this Summer Theatre Camp’s Finale Production presents a Talk Show. It runs Monday to Friday 9am-4pm and takes place in the HJ Cody Performing Arts Theatre. With Professional Lighting and Sound, Experience the THRILL of Rehearsing and Performing in Sylvan Lake’s TOP Theatre! Showbiz Theatre offers its participants a Film Component, Acting and Improv Coaching, Voice Training, and MORE. Showbiz Theatre custom builds a Script around its Participants where coaches carefully cast the roles spotlighting each participants’ unique skills and talents!  Throughout the week campers learn to develop their Characters and Memorize their scripts through fun-filled Drama Games, Special Challenges, Trust Activities, Confidence building exercises and MORE   Designed and Founded by Megan Epp and Laura Lee Lewis. 

Success Stories 

"Growing up as a shy child, music was my escape... my safe place, my brave place...I could be whoever I wanted to be on stage... And getting to see kids discover this over and over again in our camps is what makes it all worth while.  Every single camp the room is filled with talented kids with varying levels of training and experience.  The parent that registered them knows they have a gift, the teacher that recommended the camp knows it, but they don’t always believe they have what it takes to get on stage... to really get on stage and with abandon, truly give it their all...  That is what this camp is about - Helping kids discover the gold they have inside.  ~ Instructor Laura lee Lewis

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