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Music Tots: Parented

(Ages 3months - 3years)


Music Tots class is all about having fun with Music! During each class an exciting and upbeat song list is played. (Such as children’s Nursery rhymes/ Classics folk songs/ Disney movies music, Beach boys & the Beatles!

Every class is a bit of a new playlist but similar songs throughout the session are played so parents and kiddos get to know them!

Students and parents are encouraged to dance, sing & play to action songs. Hand held instruments and props are also passed around such as shakers, bells, wood blocks, tambourines, xylophones, bongos, scarves,

teddy bears and beach balls!

Music Tykes:

UN-PARENTED (Ages 3 & 4)


This Preschool style Music Class

is all about GAMES!!!

Learning through play, we rotate from one fun musical game to the next!!! What's more, we begin to introduce the Piano!

A fun and upbeat song list is also played and students are encouraged to dance and sing to action songs.  Basic theoretical musical concepts such as the musical alphabet, identifying key groups on the piano, pitch matching, rhythmic clap backs, basic music symbols and notes are all incorporated.

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