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*Not offered for the

2021 Summer Season*

Music Mania Ages 7+

This Beginner - Intermediate Summer Music Camp is FULL of Instrument Playing, Music Theory, Art Projects, Outdoor FUN and MORE! Music Mania runs Monday-Friday 9am-4pm and takes place onsite at the House of Music Studio AND explores various Tourist Destinations within the Town of Sylvan Lake. 

We do Music in the Mornings and Outings in the Afternoon! Each day, these special Excursions include Bowling, Picnic in Centennial Park, Aqua Splash/Mini Golf, Ice Cream at the BIG MOO and a DIY Splash Bash!

*Camp kiddos will learn how to play 5+ different drum beats in 4/4 and 3/4 time on the various styles of hand drums and on the full drum kit.They will learn to play 10+ songs on the piano, in middle C, and C positions. For Guitar and Ukulele, campers will learn to identify parts of the instruments and the different strings, as well as plucking and strumming technique. They will be challenged to learn chords as well as a few famous Riffs. This Jam Packed Music Summer Camp HAS IT ALL and is one you just Don’t want to Miss!

Success Stories!

"My son is really having a great time and he's TIRED at night! There's no fight at bed time this week - haha!  He's been asking to go to bed because he has to get up and go to Music Camp in the morning and he NEEDS sleep to concentrate on playing his beats!"  - Parent

"Teaching this Camp is so rewarding! We watch these kids just grow so much and it really is incredible how much they actually learn in just ONE WEEK. You can really see their natural talents and abilities coming forward and we just love telling the parents all about it! At the end of the week we get the kids to put on a little showcase of performance for their parents. They get to play a song or display a skill on their top two instruments and everyone is usually blown away!"  - Instructor

"My kid is having so much fun! She comes home from camp and just can't stop talking about her day, and all her new friends, and she loved the scavenger hunt in the park you guys did yesterday!" - Parent

"We had one parent come to us and explain that their child was just thriving in this camp. He was making friends and feeling an acceptance that he hadn't experienced in any other social setting. And he was just crushing the music material- he was really a natural on all the instruments. The mom ended up registering him in the second session of Mania that was offered that summer and he attended the following year as well". - Instructor

"Thank you so much for this awesome camp, we will be back next year! - Parent

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