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About Center Stage Theatre Camp

During this Musical Theatre Camp students will learn performance skills, play games  and take part in a 15-20 minute skit imagined and created by the contribution of each student in the camp! The presentation will follow a storyline that will be determined at the start of the week and incorporate a dance, a song, and creative writing submitted by each student in the camp to be arranged into a script with acting scenes and verbal communication practice.

All skill levels are welcome because both the beginner student and the seasoned performer student will be vital for a successful, immersive, challenging, and FUN week!


~ Special note from Miss Kait - Camp Instructor

"I love seeing different performers at different levels interact with each other. As performers,

we are always learning something new. I have learned that we never truly arrive and no matter the shape of the class, camp, or workshop is, it is what YOU make it. It is my hope that I will accommodate to every skill level so that the older/more experienced students won’t feel undermined, and that the younger/new-to-the-game students won’t feel overwhelmed. All are welcome and a big part of my vision is culminating a community of mentors and performing arts enthusiasts that will all grow and champion each other throughout their artistic careers, as young people then into their high school years and then beyond into whatever professional direction they travel!" 

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